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If you are actually looking for my videos, they are hosted at RAfanvids.com as well as sweeney3296.info. To locate my downloadable videos on RAfanvids, do a search for “Elvira” and you’ll eventually locate them all . . .

Here are tutorials:

Pimping HD: An intro tutorial for making HD fan videos (REAL HD, like the quality you get from a Blu-Ray disk). It’s not hard and you don’t need a fast computer.

Make an HD fan video in iMovie 6. Also has instructions on how to edit to the beat in iMovie 6.

HD fan video tutorial. Overview of how to edit HD in Windows and Mac video editing applications.

Top Technical Things Which Confuse Vidders. Some of the most common techy errors vidders make, and easy ways to avoid them.

The non-vidder’s guide to making video clips. If you just want to make a few simple clips from a DVD without actually making a fan video, this tutorial is for you.

Joy with MPEG Streamclip. Some specific tasks that some vidders will need to know. Also a tutorial on how to “batch convert” a bunch of files in MPEG Streamclip.

Generic cross-platform tutorial for making your fan video web-ready. How to export it out of your video software and convert it to a high quality file which you can upload to YouTube.

Making HD clips for fan videos. Convert your downloaded HD MKV file to an AVI suitable for editing, or convert a DVD rip to AVI using free software for Mac and PC.

A word about aspect ratio. You can’t expect me to not have something about this on my vanity site, surely! A few words which will hopefully be of some help. I try to be non-strident. (Don’t know if I completely succeeded.)

No theft please—a page about plagiarism in the fan community. We’re sick of this and we’re not going to take it lying down anymore.

Learning, tools, and respect. Just a few thoughts about the process and  discipline of learning a new creative skill.

Switching to Mac (On the Cheap): Transition to the Macintosh for vidding, on a budget! (You think you can’t afford a Mac? You probably can!)

My Old Mac Page. I’ve made a page on a separate section of the site devoted to old Macs (in this case, from 2001) and Final Cut Pro 2 (also from 2001). Link opens into new window. Also includes supplemental pages for my “On the Cheap” tutorial: Buying an old Mac for vidding On the Cheap, and Final Cut for Old Macs.


My self-indulgent vanity site . . .

Welcome to my stupid vanity site, set up just because I could . . .